The Green Man at Uisneach

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The Green Man at Uisneach

The Green Man at the gate to the Hill of Uisneach, symbolising rebirth ?

The Green Man by Joanne Kavanagh

The Green Man

“He runs through the forest, breathing life into all he that he can
Whispering to the trees, he’s known as the Green Man Passing on his vibrant energy, to all living things, green
Perhaps he’s been near, but you know not what you’ve seen
Maybe the leaves have rustled spontaneously
But no breeze is present, chasing in and out of tree
This will be when he talks, to his woodland friends
Who he wholeheartedly loves, protects and defends
And tells them magical stories, that make their little leaves shiver
In delight and excitement, so that they will deliver
An abundance of new leaves, when Spring comes to the land…”