Opening Hours

May – August
• Tuesday to Sunday – Public Tours at 13.00.

• Saturday and Sunday Only - Public Tours at 13:00.
October – May
• Sunday Only – Public Tours at 13:00.
Public Tours start from the Visitors Centre.                                    ALL TOUR PLACES MUST BE PRE-BOOKED.                                    TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT PLEASE BE ADVISED: WE ARE PART OF A WORKING FARM AND ON PRIVATE LAND.               THE ONLY ACCESS TO THE HILL OF UISNEACH IS VIA A GUIDED TOUR

General Admission Fees

Adults: €15.00
Children under 12:
Family – 2 Adults & 2 Children under 12:
(Advised minimum age: 7 years old)

Tour Options

Our guided walking tours lead you through the myths & legends of Uisneach, the Sacred Centre of Ireland. Learn of the High Kings, Goddesses & Gods that once spent time on this special Hill. Take in the uninterrupted 360˚ views stretching over 250 acres. Ramble onto the High Kings’ residence, a conjoined ring fort and then on to our many historical monuments. Walk the landscape with your local, trained guide learning the mythology & folklore of the Hill.

Join us for a 2 hour walk of approx. 3 km. A good level of fitness required.

It rains sometimes so don’t forget to dress for the occasion !

We are part of a busy working farm so dogs are not permitted on or off a leash, thank you for understanding.

Enjoy a bespoke Private guided tour on a day & time that suits you. Our Private Tours are customised according to personal preferences & requests. Also included is time for exploration, relaxation & rejuvenation. The tour concludes with an intimate Q&A session with your expert tour guide, in the comfort of our Visitors Centre. A 5000-year-old journey of discovery awaits !

For more information / to book a Private Tour, please call: +353 87 718 9550.

For Public Tour bookings, click PUBLIC TOURS IMAGE.

For Private Tour bookings, click PRIVATE TOURS IMAGE.


Public Tours


Private Tours


Public Tours


Private Tours

Tour Highlights

The Royal Palace

This conjoined (figure of eight) ring fort was the subject of a major archaeological excavation by R.A.S. McAllister in the 1920s. It revealed the remains of several houses, two souterrains, and various other features associated with domestic occupation spanning several centuries.

Lough Lugh

Named after the Sun God Lugh and deemed to be the place where he met his mortal end at the hands of Mac Cuill, Mac Cécht, and Mac Gréine. The nearby bronze-age prominent mound, Carn Lugdach, is said to have been raised in his honour.

St. Patricks Bed (The Summit)

From this probable megalithic tomb the view encompasses almost all of Ireland with up to twenty counties being visible on a clear day. St. Patrick is said to have established a presence here during the fifth century.

Ail na Mireann (The Cat Stone)

The most famous feature on Uisneach is undoubtedly Ail na Mireann (the stone of divisions), known locally as The Catstone. It is also known as Umbilicus Hinerniae, Axis Mundi, and the navel of Ireland. This huge glacial erratic symbolises Ireland, united in its divisions and it marks the centre of Ireland where the provinces came together. It is underneath this stone that Ériu, after whom the country is named, was laid to rest.


Unauthorised access to the Hill is not permitted. A suitable level of physical fitness and appropriate footwear and clothing are necessary.

Please be advised that the Hill is PRIVATE PROPERTY and A WORKING FARM with livestock, machinery and other dangers.

No dogs permitted on public tours.

All tour entrants MUST remain in the presence of the Guide and act in accordance with the direction of the Guide for the duration of the tour.

Take Notice that the Occupier of this farm given the nature, character, and activities of this farm, hereby in accordance with section 5(2) of The Occupiers Liability Act 1995, excludes the common duty of care to visitors under section 3 of The Act.