Vernal Equinox


Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox !

There is an abundance of new growth on the Hill. . . from small-leaved bittercress sitting neatly in the dewy grass to new buds unfolding at the end of branches like miniature bouquets !

Spring is here and it has brought with it an excitement of growth. The chirping of birds was almost deafening – one would swear all young birds were being taught to fly and hunt food at the same time – soul satisfying !

Over the coming months we will be recording what the land offers in terms of foraging; the sometimes hidden jewels that have been used in the past for filling mattresses, for curing ailments, for sweetening foodstuff and for colouring materials.

Mother Nature, forever giving…
?Spring is here, finally !
Enjoy the longer, brighter days !